This is a  photo of the Lazarus nebula. Our Creator is magnificent.      We should question our ability to question his instructions!



Get ready to experience the unity of the Scriptures like never before!

Comments on the book:

"I've just finished reading your book (Not Under the Law: Paul and the Truth)... I must compliment how well written, documented, and thoughtful it was. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and even had a few chuckles. You kept it brief enough not to tire a new believer and yet much to learn from. Very, very well done!" -- V.

"It is a blessing to have a concise work to give to those who are questioning what appear to be troublesome verses. Thank you for your diligence and heart to serve the needs within the body of Messiah!!" -- M. & T.

"My husband is now reading your wonderful book and he is being very blessed by it, as I surely was (still am.) You both did an excellent job and it is a precious gift to the body of Christ! I would actually like two more copies to loan, since I really don't want to part with my own." -- M.