Table of Contents


CHAPTER 1: Paul's Intent

CHAPTER 2:Jesus & The Old Testament

CHAPTER 3: Commands of Christ vs. Commandments of God

CHAPTER 4: Moses

CHAPTER 5: The End of the Law

CHAPTER 6: Paul's Life and Testimony

CHAPTER 7: Interpretation & Consistency

CHAPTER 8: Food: Doctrines of Devils & Doubtful Disputations

CHAPTER 9: The Big Question

CHAPTER 10: I'm Not Jewish

CHAPTER 11: I'm Saved

CHAPTER 12: Sin and the Believer

CHAPTER 13: Let No Man Judge You

CHAPTER 14: Fear and Fear Not

CHAPTER 15: The Seventh Day

CHAPTER 16: Authority or Condemnation

CHAPTER 17: Connecting the Dots

 From the foreword:

"In years gone by, we were blessed and encouraged by pastors and teachers who told us not to believe everything we heard, but to go home and check God's Word for ourselves, like the Bereans, who "searched the Scriptures daily..." (Acts 17:11b)  They told us that the Bible is the only rule for faith and practice.  We took them seriously, and for the past 35 years together, we have been checking our beliefs and practices against the truth of the Holy Scriptures. This has forced us to deal with some "sticky" subjects. Sometimes, when we started asking questions about practices that seemed inconsistent with Scripture, we were told, "Just don't go there."  Well, we decided to go there anyway..."



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